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Top 7 Best PPD Website To Earn Money Online

What Are PPD Websites?

PPD means “Pay Per Download“, These are the sites which pay us for per download. You have to upload your contents on these PPD websites and you will be paid for per download. There is much Pay per download websites are available on the internet but half of them are a fraud and they can’t pay money. But also there are some 100% genuine PPD websites available on the internet which will pay you for every download. So in this post, we are going to sharing best PPD websites to earn money online.


Best Pay Per Download Websites To Earn Money Online


#1 UploadOcean – Pay Per Download Affiliate

It’s another top best pay per download website for you. I think I have to mention it in the top 5 but I forgot it first, sorry about that. I love this network because I already personally used it and found it best site for earning money. It pays you up to 21$ for every 100 successful downloads. You will get paid for each and every click on the Download button of your uploaded content. If you have a personal website and traffic on it, then it’s like heaven for you. You can earn much easy money using UploadOcean by monetizing your site with links. Here is the link to join this PPD network: 

How To Create UploadOcean Account And How Does It Work : - 

Click Here


#2 Up-load.io

Up-load.io works under a model called PPD (Pay-per-Download) that allows you to receive payment depending on the downloaded files you have on this site. This is a safe way to not only to store your information, but it also allows you to earn a little extra just for doing it! There are many perks about uploading your files with up-load.io. Not only you will earn money with this platform, but you can also benefit from:
  • The ad-free site that guarantees the users to download your files without annoying pop-ups or false links.
  • Use Your Referral Link: You can refer people and earn 10% of their profits.
  • Write an article about us (you can even use your referral link in it!) and earn $2.
  • Create a Youtube video telling about us and earn $5.


    #3 UsersCloud – New PPD Sites


 UsersCloud is a file hosting service that gives unlimited storage space for free to all users who registered and reserve the user’s cloud account. In addition, because it is there anything else that makes users cloud demand as file hosting is the service PPD (Pay Per Download) where we will be paid if there is download our files in users cloud the same as the existing services on Tusfiles. If you have any website where you can upload contents, then UsersCloud is the best PPD network for you to earn money online.

#4 AdscendMedia – Top PPD Sites


AdscendMedia is a CPA marketing solution dedicated to providing high quality leads to advertisers and great payouts and services to affiliates. A network is a great option because it provides and pays per click marketing strategy, therefore, making it a cheap option. If you have any website where you can upload anything on every click on the download button of your content, you will be offered with some Dollars.



#5 FileIce.net – Best PPD Site


FileIce.net comes in best PPD sites, that’s why we listed it at First in our list. Fileice is a revolutionary method in PPD industry, it is a website that allows its users/affiliate members to upload files and let them share online, every time when a visitor tries to download those files they have to complete a survey to download files, file ice pays $1.00 average for every completed survey making it the best of the best PPD site available online these days. If you have any website where you can upload anything and your visitors download that contents, then FileIce is the best PPD network for you to earn money online.


#6 DollarUpload – Best Pay Per Download Sites


DollarUpload is another best PPD site to earn money by uploading contents on it. First of all, you have to register an account on it, upload your contents and start sharing links. On every successful download, you will be paid. It allows you to upload any type of contents on it, no matters its Image, Zip file, mp3, Video or anything else. You can join it here:


  #7 Daily Uploads – Best PPD Sites Without Survey


Daily Uploads is also one of the best PPD websites to earn money online. It pays you up to 16$ for per 1000 successful downloads. You can monetize your contents on it and will be paid for each and every download. Daily Uploads allows you to share contents and make money from it. The minimum payout on this network is just 10$. You can redeem your earnings through Paypal, Payza, etc. Here is the link to Sign up:


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