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How To Create A Email Account On Google With Pictures

Hello friends, welcome to the Trick And Tricks tutorial today. I will show you how to create email account on google with pictures step by step.

Today there are lots of website to create email account, for example Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Mail.com, Yahoo mail, I-cloud mail and etc. Today we will take the example of one of these (www.gmail.com), 15 GB of storage is available in this website and this website is powered by Google, Gmail account can be used on Android, iOS, computer and many other operating systems. 

Gmail account has some simple features.

1.    Gmail account has 15 GB of storage
2.    Keyboard shortcut support
3.    You can also use your Gmail account offline
4.    Deleted Mail automatically takes backup
5.    It also gives you two step protection

Email address format: example@gmail.com, abc@gmail.com, abc+xyz@gmail.com, 

Ø  Go to gmail.com and click Create an Account button.

Ø   Now you have fill the information all filled are required then click on Next button.

Ø   First Select Country Code (Example: - +91, +01 +92) and enter your mobile number then click on Next button.

Ø   Go to open your mobile and see the massage box copy verification code (Example: - G-370834) and paste this box then click on verify button.

Ø   Now you have fill the personal information two filled are required (Date of Birth And Gender), If you have another email account, you can enter the recovery email address, Recovery email address is o optional and click on Next button.

Ø   Now you click on Yes, I'm in button.

Ø   Now click on I Agree button.

Ø   Click on Next button.

Ø   Choose a view, select default and click on Ok button.

Ø   Now here Open your Dashboard and enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.

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